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About our Classes

Our classes held at the Northside swimming pool are for Beginners, Older Beginners, Improvers and Advanced swimmers. 
At Northside swimming pool we hold our Older Beginner Groups which are for children who are at least 8 years old.   We have dedicated groups and teachers who deal with older beginners. We recommend this group for swimmers who haven't a lot of experience or confidence in the water but are starting swimming a little later than our average starters. This is a customised programme for slightly more mature starters which has been highly successful to date. 
Our classes held at the Central Remedial Clinic, Clontarf are for Beginners, Improvers and Advanced swimmers as defined below. 
The requirements to join are groups are set out below.  

Swim Term Fees

10 week term Northside, Oscar Traynor Road - €100  

10 week term CRC, Clontarf - € 130 

What Swimming Standard is your Child at ?


  • Are at least 4 years of age

  • Have never participated or have had limited formal swimming lessons previously



  • Have participated in formal swimming lessons previously

  • No armbands required to swim

  • Can swim with confidence using a swim float on their backs and are able to hold a horizontal position while doing this

  • Can swim with confidence using a swim float on their front and are able to hold a horizontal position while doing this

  • While swimming with a float, are comfortable keeping their face in the water

  • Can demonstrate breathing to the side while swimming on their front with a float 

  • While swimming on their backs and front with a float, are able to maintain the correct leg action (long straight legs and pointed toes)

  • Can demonstrate an effective arm action while swimming with a float on their fronts and backs

  • Improvers are confident swimmers in deep water who can  maintain horizontal positions in the water without any aid or floating device  


  • Can confidently swim 1 length (25 metres) of the pool using frontcrawl and backcrawl

  • has a good horizontal swimming position in the water while swimming backcrawl and frontcrawl 

  • can demonstrate effective breathing to the side swimming front crawl

  • uses a leg action whch is perfectly straight legs with toes pointed 

  • Can swim front crawl with a float with high elbows and can confidently breath to their side

  • can swim with a float on their back with perfect straight arms and correct hand entry into the water

  • can swim back crawl without a float with correct timing i.e. arms alternatively in correct position (one up and down at the correct time) 

  • Has a basic knowledge of all 4 swimming strokes (back crawl, front crawl, breast stroke and butterfly) 

  • is confident swimming front crawl and backcrawl without a float


Older Beginners

  • Are at least 8 years of age

  • Have had limited or no formal swimming lessons in the past

Classes available in Northside Swimming Pool


Northside - Tues 6 to 6.45 pm               (Beginners / Improvers / Advanced)

Northside  - Wed 3.00 pm to 3.45 pm  (Beginners / Improvers / Advanced)

Northside - Wed 4.00 pm to 4.45 pm   (Beginners / Improvers / Advanced)

                               Northside - Wed 6.00 to 6.45 pm          (Beginners / Older Beginners/ Improvers / Advanced)

          Northside - Wed 8.00 to 8.45 pm          (Older Beginners / Improvers / Advanced)

Classes available in Central Remedial Clinic Swimming Pool

CRC, Clontarf  - Sat  9 to 10 am (Beginners / Improvers / Advanced)   (opening date to be announced)

CRC, Clontarf - Tues 7 to 8 pm  (Beginners / Improvers / Advanced)    

CRC, Clontarf - Wed 6 to 7 pm  (Beginners / Improvers / Advanced)    

CRC, Clontarf  - Wed 7 to 8 pm (Beginners / Improvers / Advanced)    




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