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Code of Behaviour for swimmers in Clontarf Swim

In Clontarf Swim our mission is to develop and produce swimmers with excellent skills which they will maintain for life. We pride ourselves in being able to provide individual attention to swimmers within our class environment. We have an approach to learning that we feel is superior to many other swim schools and which has produced successful swimmers up as far as Olympic level.

That been said, we expect all children to behave in an appropriate manner and abide by our code of behaviour. While in the pool, pupils must at all times obey the teacher’s orders. Our behaviour code is based on the recommendations of Swim Ireland.


In Clontarf Swim classes your Child should:-

  1. Be happy, have fun and enjoy taking part and being involved in your sport

   2. Be treated fairly by everyone, swimming teachers, adults and other swimmers

   3. Feel safe and secure when you are taking part in your sport.

   4. Be listened to and allowed to reply.

   5. Be treated with dignity, sensitivity and respect.

   6. Say no to something which makes you feel uncomfortable.

   7. Know that any details that are about you are treated with confidentiality.



Your child’s responsibilities are to:

  1. Treat swimming teachers, officials and other workers at Clontarf Swim with respect.

  2. Respect other swimmers

  3. Adopt a team approach to our weekly classes and to be part of the team and respect and support other team members both when they do well and when things go wrong.

  4. Never bully or use bullying actions against another person; you should never hurt other swimmers, this includes never taking/damaging their property, never
    spreading rumours or telling lies about other people or adults.

  5. Make sure they understand the rules and regulations associated with Clontarf Swim

  6. Listen to and respect decisions made by others; if they feel unjustly treated they can talk to their Swim Teacher or their parents.

  7. Never mistreat equipment or furnishings

  8. Never use violence or bad language; do not shout or argue with swimming teachers or other swimmers – talk to someone if they are upset or angry or if someone has caused them to be upset or angry.

  9. Talk with your Swim Teacher if they have any difficulties or do not understand something; they should never keep secrets about any person who may have caused them harm or has made them feel upset.

  10. Understand sport can be hard work and requires discipline to achieve their goals; they should understand the commitment and attendance needed to progress

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