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Clontarf Swim 


It is with great sadness that we are announcing that our founding coach and teacher Mary Geran passed away on 11th January, 2021. Many of you will have known Mary personally and thousands will have learnt their swimming skills down through the years with Mary. 

She was the significant force in building and progressing CRC swimming club which subsequently became Clontarf Swim. She is widely known in Irish swimming circles. She was known for her unique teaching style and her great empathy with young children. She had a natural teaching ability with children of all ages. She will be sadly missed  but because she had a huge positive effect on thousands of people she will always be with us. 

Mary Geran, 2012 Olympics London, featuring Irish Olympic swimmer Barry Murphy.

Some 'Maryisms' to remember ..... 

You Rest you Rust

Blow your Bubbles

Look to the Sky

Just like a starfish

Fish have no knees

Point your toes

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