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Term Fees Policy

Each swim term will be 10 weeks in duration. However, occasionally it will be necessary to reduce the duration of our terms to tie in with Summer break. Fees will be reduced on a pro-rata basis where the term is less than 10 weeks in duration.  

Term fees must be paid on week 1 of the term or on the day that your child first starts in a swimming programme. If fees have not been paid after week 1 and remain unpaid and if we have not received any communication from you by email or another electronic means then Clontarf Swim reserves the right to allocate your child’s place to another swimmer.

If the swimming fee for your child has not been paid on week 1 of the term or on the date that your child commences swimming with us, Clontarf Swim will contact you by text or by email to request the term fee. If after this contact the fee continues to be outstanding then you will be deemed to have forfeit you place in Clontarf Swim and you child will no longer be able to attend our tuition programmes.  


The term fee is in respect of a 10 week term or from the date on which your child is enrolled with us until the end of the term. We don't operate a pay as you go payment system. There are no discounts in respect of missed classes due to sickness or other factors.  After enrollment, we cannot issue any refunds in respect of missed class days and we don't offer any refunds during the term where Parents choose to discontinue in the class. Where a swimmer was enrolled and paid up for a swimming term and continues into the next term then the full term fee applies, regardless of the date at which that swimmer starts.


If your child is enrolled and fees have been paid during a particular term then you will be offered a place for the next consectutive term. That place will no longer be reserved where the term fee has not been paid on week 1 of the new term.  If a swimmer was not  enrolled with a paid term fee during the term ending June of a particular year then there is no entitlement to a place in the term commencing September of the same year.       


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