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CRC Clontarf - Update on reopening of the swimming pool


Update 18/03/2023

According to the website of the Central Remedial Clinic, the work on the swimming pool in Clontarf will be completed in April, 2023. We are assuming that it will repoen shortly after that. We are not accepting any applications for our swimming classes at that venue until CRC have provided us with an actual opening date.

Check out the link below for further details. Contact CRC directly for specific information.


Update 21/10/2022

The Central Remedial Clinic has informed us that work on the swimming pool in Clontarf is at an advanced stage and will be completed in coming weeks. The CRC is also commencing the process of recruiting new staff to work at the pool. It is unlikely however that we will be back in the water before Christmas.  We will contact Parents of our enrolled CRC swimmers as soon as the Central Remedai Clinic provide us with an opening date. In the meantime Parents should feel free to contact the Central Remedial Clinic for further information.

DCC had lifted all restrictions on Northside Swimming classes


We are delighted to announce that Dublin City Council has removed the final layer of Covid related restrictions in Northside Swimming Pool.  As a result, we have just been informed that our classes will return to their pre Covid times with efffect from 22/02/2022.  We are also able to reinstate those classes that were closed due to restrictions. The details area as follows:-

Tuesday 6.30 pm to 7.15 pm.

This class will return to its original time (6.00 pm to 6.45 p.m.) with effect from 22nd February 2022


Wednesday 3.00 to 3.45 pm.

 This class will be launched on 23rd February 2022 and bookings are now being accepted for it.

Wednesday 4.00 to 4.45 pm.

 This class will be launched on 23rd February 2022 and bookings are now being accepted for it.


Wednesday 6.00 pm to 6.45 pm

There is no change to the time of this class. However, for children in the older beginner’s group in that class (Carl’s group), the assumption is that swimmers will remain in the 6pm class.  If you choose to remain in the 6pm class, no action is required.

However, If a swimmer from the older beginner’s group opts to return to the Wednesday class at 8 pm, please text 086 6022901 as soon as possible.

Wednesday 8.00 to 8.45 pm.


This class will restart on Wednesday 23rd  February 2022. Week 1 of the term for this class will be on 23/02/2022 with term fees due on that date. If you are returning to this class, you should text 086 6022901 to confirm that you will be back given that the class hasn’t operated for almost 2 years.


More details will issue over the coming days. Details of current terms can be found by clicking on this link


Kind Regards,

Clontarf Swim




Update February 2022

Northside Swimming Pool

Unfortunately some of our Northside swimming classes continue to be on hold due to  Covid related restrictions.  We are dealing directly with Dublin City Council with a view to getting these classes back up and running. 

Central Remedial Clinic Swimming Pool

All swimming classes in Clontarf continue to be on hold due to renovations at the swimming pool. The project to replace the air handling unit is fully approved by CRC. Consultants were appointed and the design stage is at an advanced stage. The tendering process to install the AHU is completed. According to CRC's website the associated work will be completed during the Summer of 2022. We expect to be back in our Clontarf locations as soon as the work is completed. This is a little slower than anticipated. I would urge all Parents to continue to keep in touch with CRC with a view to establishing the up to date position and expediting our return to the water. 

Update November 2020


On the weekend of 29th May 2021, Swim Ireland announced that they had secured agreement from the Government that swimming lessons could resume in Ireland. As a result of this we will be able to resume most of our classes in Northside swimming pool starting from Tuesday 8th June, 2021.  The position on our classes in Clontarf is that CRC is in the process of replacing an Air Handling Unit in the swimming pool. Unfortunately therefore, we can't resume our Clontarf arrangements before Summer break.  However this is all very positive news which points toward a return to normality in September.

We continue to deal with CRC and Northside with a view to getting all children back in the water as soon as possible. A bulletin will issue as soon as we have more information. 

Update November 2020

While we can expect some easing of restrictions over coming weeks, it is unlikely that there will be sufficient movement to allow us to resume our swimming programmes before Christmas. On the positive side, the outlook in respect of a vaccine seems extremely bright.  There are also several people working to highlight the importance of swimming and I have seen at least one online petition aimed at accelerating our return to the water. 


Hopefully we can get an early resolution in the new year. Our intention is to resume our various terms at the point where they stopped. Needless to say, we have retained places in our classes for all fee paid, enrolled swimmers.


If there are any further developments, a text message will issue.  And of course, despite the circumstances, enjoy the Festive Season.

Carl Geran, 23/11/2020


UPDATE 12/10/2020​


As of 12th October, 2020 we continue to be in level 3 of Government Covid 19 related restrictions.  This means that swimming pools can only open for individual use.  Therefore our swimming classes continue to be on hold.  We will contact all customers when we have further information.   ​

UPDATE 1/09/2020​

Following on from the guidelines issued by the government on 12th March, 2020, we stopped all swimming classes with immediate effect. Since then, we have continued to monitor the situation with regard to the resumption of formal swimming instruction. There are many positive indications to suggest that the swimming pool environment doesn't pose any significant risk for our young swimmers. With that in mind, we hope that we can resume all our classes as soon as possible.

The current position is that we won't be in a position to resume our classes in Clontarf at the beginning of September, 2020. We continue to deal with CRC management with a view to establishing when we can return to the water. We will issue a bulletin as soon as we have definitive information.  

Some of our classes in Northside swimming pool will resume in September. We hope to restore our full service there when the current environment has settled down.

In the event that there are any additional developments we will contact you immediately.  Unfortunately we find ourselves in extraordinary circumstances but we should see some sense of normality restored as our children start to return to school.  Consider our current situation a temporary inconvenience. We will be fully operational soon.  


Carl Geran 

Swim Term Resumption details

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