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CRC Clontarf - Update on reopening of the swimming pool and enrolment


Enrolment details for CRC classes in Clontarf (update 1/01/2023)

Tuesday 7 to 7.45 pm, Wednesday 6 to 6.45 pm and Wednesday 7 to 7.45 pm

Given the unprecedented demand for our classes and the substantial associated wait lists, the following procedures will apply to the enrolment of swimmers:-  

Enrolment for the classes detailed above will take place on Tuesday 3/10/2023 and Wednesday 4/10/2023 at CRC Swimming Pool, Clontarf. Enrolment will take place at the start of and during each respective class.


You should note that only swimmers who were enrolled (with fees paid) in March of 2020 can currently enrol.  To reiterate, any swimmers who were not in our classes previously will not be permitted to enrol in the current round.  


At enrolment, swimmers will only be permitted to enrol and return to the same class that they were in when the swimming pool closed in March 2020.


Any requests for class transfers etc. can be made during enrolment and will be responded to when the classes are established.


All swimmers who were enrolled in our CRC classes in March 2020 (with fees paid) will be entitled to a €50 credit against the 10 week term fee.


Any swimmers who are entitled to a transfer from our Northside location to Clontarf will also be allowed credit in respect of any unused term fees paid at the location where they are transferring from.


Immediately after we complete the initial enrolment, we will identify availability and try to accommodate any swimmers from our Saturday class that wish to transfer to our weekday classes.  We will contact our Saturday class on Wednesday evening, 4/10/2023 with related information. It may be the case that we are unable to facilitate transfers for all swimmers.   


Our fee for a 10 week term is €130 which for swimmers enrolled in March 2020 (with fees paid) will be reduced by the credits detailed above.


We will assess and categorise returning swimmers in the first couple of term weeks with a view to returning to our pre-Covid format being Beginners, Improvers and Advanced streams.


We are engaging some new teachers at Clontarf Swim so please bear with us as we restructure our classes and settle things down. We have been closed for more than 3 and a half years so it will take us a while to get up and running.   





CRC Clontarf - Update on reopening of the swimming pool


Update 25/09/2023

CRC has informed us that we can resume our Tuesday and Wednesday swimming classes in Clontarf from the week beginning 2nd October, 2023. Unfortunately we don't yet have details on the resumption of a weekend service at the pool, so we can't return our Saturday classes for the moment. 


We are in the process of arranging swimming teachers for our classes, so we can't give a definitive start date for the next few days.  But we do hope to be back very soon !  More information and enrolment details will issue over the next few days. 

CRC Clontarf - Update on reopening of the swimming pool


Update 23/08/2023

We have been in touch with members of the pool management team in the Central Remedial Clinic in the last few days. It is our understanding that we will have an opening date for the pool relatively soon.  A new Manager has been appointed and is preparing the pool for reopening.  CRC are also conducting a recrutiment campaign to arrange for some lifeguard positions to be filled. This weekend several of the swimming teaching staff are undergoing lifegaurd and safety courses in the pool at CRC. This all suggests that we will have an opening date over coming weeks, as soon as the lifeguard positions are filled. In the meantime, please contact CRC directly for specific details.


For any swimmers wishing to join our classes in the Central Remedial Clinic, Clontarf, please note that our wait-lists remain closed for that venue. We will however reopen those lists when we have a confirmed opening date from CRC.



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